Morristown Pride & Transit

Doors will open at 6:30 PM.  Please remember that our parking lots are still under construction.  Use the gravel lot to the right of the main gate.  If you are transporting the elderly or those with mobility issues, please drop them off at the front door so they may use the ramp, if necessary.  Those with mobility issues may park on the grassy area outside the gate.  If anyone needs help getting to their car when leaving, please don't be shy about asking for help.  We are all family!

7:00 PM:  Liz will facilitate Open Talk in the Library.  You know what that means...there is a good chance "Slice and Dice" will bring bagels!  

After Open Talk, we will get to meet Allie Sharkie and the team who organized and hosted Morristown's first Pride Night this past June.  Allie and Stephanie are florists who designed a flower wall and "sold" colored carnations for people to help build the rainbow heart in the photo.  Allie and the Morristown Pride team will stop by to present GAAMC with a check for donations they received on behalf of GAAMC.  

We will round out the night with an updated presentation about the updates on NJ Transit and the state of getting from Point A to Point B in our state.  Len has news to share about developments, deadlines, etc.  Get on board!  

  • August 26, 2019 at 7:00pm – 10pm
  • Morristown Unitarian Fellowship
  • Len Resto


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