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  • LGBT Rights

    6:30 PM:  Doors Open

    7:00 PM: Camp Talk
    Tonight, we are foregoing the standard Open Talk format for a look (and listen) back at the way we grrls and bois used to talk to each other "back in the day" at clubs and other LGBT social settings.  Gordon refers to it as "camp," that was spoken in the D.C. area of the 1970s.  Ron, who was living in the Tampa area at that time knew exactly what he was talking about.  Friends in the greater NYC area are surely familiar with it.  But, you had to be there.  Come out and camp it up!

    8:00 PM: LGBT Life, Rights & Laws from Stonewall to Today
    Using the information provided by sources such as the HRC we will be discussing LGBT History and the evolution of LGBT rights and protections both nationally and in NJ.  We’ll also discuss why we are fortunate as LGBT people to live in New Jersey and how life has changed for us since Stonewall.  

    Webmaster's note: These changes didn't happen by accident, and they were not gifts from Santa Claus.  We, the people of GAAMC and our peers, made these changes happen.  The vintage photo above shows GAAMC members marching on our nation's capital for the first rights march.  We returned for the second as well.  And, through our various forms of volunteerism, many of us are still fighting to make a more equal future for our (so far) imperfect union.

    GAAMC is NJ's longest operating LGBT support organization, now in our 46th year.  The only way we can continue to provide a safe space and social "home base" for our brothers and sisters is through your generosity.  We do not charge admission, except for a few special events each year, and you needn't be a dues-paying member to join any of our events.  However, we do appreciate when our guests make a small donation at our front desk when they arrive.  We recommend donation amounts of $7 for non-members, $5 for members, and $4 for members who are senior citizens.  These are simply suggestions and more is always appreciated but no one is turned away for their inability or choice not to make a donation.  We will still have free parking, open arms, and refreshments to share with you.  We hope to see you soon.  

  • Feel the Power of Saving Power

    6:30 PM:  Our doors will open

    7:00 PM:  Open Talk discussion group will meet in the Library until 8:00 PM

    8:00 PM:  Reduce Energy Bills, Improve Home Comfort and Help the Environment 

    Commissioner Upendra Chivukula from the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities and Mike Rutkowski, representing NJ's Clean Energy Program, are our scheduled speakers.

    Living and working in the United States requires massive amounts of power and energy to maintain our standard of living and productivity. Unfortunately, wide-scale energy generation and consumption produce carbon emissions that are known to be harmful to the environment.  In addition, households account for 55% of the energy used in buildings today.  How can residential consumers reduce their personal carbon footprint while maintaining comfort and safety in their homes?  A representative from the NJ Clean Energy program will discuss insights and tips for reducing residential energy consumption.  The speaker will also share details of state-sponsored programs that offer education and financial incentives for qualified home improvements made by select certified contractors.