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  • Movie & Discussion for Vote Your Issues 2018

    Each October, GAAMC hosts a program to help members and guests make more informed decisions when they head to the polls in November.  This Election Day, the stakes are seen as supremely important for Democrats, Republicans, Greens and independent, non-affiliated voters.  

    Voters have had opportunities to meet the candidates in virtually every municipality in their districts, with significant overflow into adjoining communities.  We have received forests worth of direct mail.  Our lawns, highways, and byways are covered in campaign lawn signs.  Ads by candidates and PACs have been streaming into our view from every media outlet, and social media platform.  Debates between candidates for NJ's 11th Congressional District (Mikie Sherrill and Jay Webber) have already taken place.  Debates between candidates for NJ 7th Congressional District (Tom Malinowski and Leonard Lance) as well as debates between NJ's Senatorial candidates (Bob Menendez and Bob Hugin) take place this week.  Links to the times and lists of channels are on our website.  If you want to become the smartest voter you can be, RSVP and add the "event" to your calendar.  

    For the past twenty years, if not longer, we have witnessed a growing political polarization in this country.  Some would say it began 40 years ago with the rise of "The Moral Majority."  As each of the parties in our duopoly attempts to morph into something new, while still holding onto the brand images that give them power, the electorate is becoming more extreme; extremely angry, that is.  Social media, texting, and instant access to opinions and opinionated news coverage have helped us drift to the corners of our political and ideological boxing rings.  

    Actor Joe McGovern, who considers himself a "bleeding heart liberal," took note of this.  He decided to go on a nationwide expedition in search of the true contents of conservatives' hearts and minds, in his effort to better understand how we can help the country heal and unite...if we can.  After interviewing political, fiscal and social conservatives throughout the USA, he sorted the clips into 7 major issues, then spliced them together.  

    Do all liberals want to bankrupt the nation with lazy give-away programs?
    Are all conservatives homophobes?
    What is the real problem with immigrants, anyway?  
    Which side is the bigger warmonger?
    Which group is actually more fiscally responsible?  

    McGovern's documentary, "The Other Side," goes in search of answers to some of these questions.  Join us, sit back, open your ears, your eyes, your mind, and your heart, to get a better understanding of what makes the other side tick...and find out if they really are "the other side."  

    The film will start at 7:00 PM.  President Gordon Sauer will lead a discussion following the film where we examine these topics and what they mean to our members, and to our broader community.  

  • NJ's Candidates for US Senate Debate

    • Wednesday, October 24, 2018 at 08:00 PM
    • Your Television!


    9/13/18 -- This race is surprisingly close, though perhaps not given Robert Menendez’s ethical troubles. Nevertheless, the last time Menendez looked as though he might be in trouble, the national environment ended up saving him. And the last time a New Jersey senator looked like he was in trouble, the state Supreme Court saved him. Menendez is still very much the favorite over Bob Hugin.

    ----------Race Preview----------

    To the casual observer, New Jersey appears to be solidly Democratic. Yet this overlooks the nuances of state politics. With a handful of exceptions, New Jersey has actually voted within a few points of the national average in presidential elections over the past 100 years. However, its lean is Democratic -- and rather consistently so over the past few years. Republicans rarely get blown out of the water here, but neither do they typically eclipse the 50 percent mark.

    That seems to be the scenario unfolding this cycle. Senator Bob Menendez is theoretically vulnerable, having survived a criminal trial after the jury failed to return a verdict. But Republicans haven’t found a candidate so far, and given the state’s leanings and the national environment, it seems unlikely that a real challenge to Menendez will surface.

    Scheduled air dates:

    Oct. 24, 2018, at 8:00 PM on NJTV, New Brunswick Channel 58, Montclair Channel 50, Comcast Cable Channel 23, Verizon FiOS Channels 23 and 523 (HD)

    NJTV will rebroadcast this debate at 2:00 AM on Friday, October 26, 2018.

  • Halloween Social

    Doors open at 6:30 PM

    Our weekly discussion, "Open Talk," will begin at 7:00, with Alice in the facilitator's seat.  Alice always has a fun, upbeat topic to share.  Don't be afraid, you won't be tricked, you'll find this discussion a treat. 

    Halloween Social:  8:00 PM
    Tom and friends will set up the Terrace Room for a frighteningly funtabulous dessert buffet.  Please join us, and bring a little something to share with friends.  Costumes are encouraged, but not required.  

  • SAGE Table Potluck Dinner


    The members of SAGE Jersey City (a group for LGBT people 50 and above), GAAMC & Garden State Equality cordially invite you to this potluck dinner where we’ll bridge the gap between different LGBT generations. There will be plenty of good food, conversation, and fun.

    If you're available to attend, please contact Gordon at by Nov 2. Please also let us know what you’re bringing, so we can have plenty of food for everyone.


  • OUTING: Enchanted April

    Written by Matthew Barber,
    Based on the novel by Elizabeth von Arnim

    Four women who appreciate wisteria and sunshine find themselves in a castle in Italy for a quiet holiday in Enchanted April. Liberated from their daily routines, these women ease into rural Italy, and each finds herself transformed by the experience.

    “Escape has seldom ever seemed so sweet. A Magical Triumph!"
    ​-LA TIMES

    Details about this outing will be posted as they become available.