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  • LGBTQ Business Owners Meet and Greet

    When the Covid-19 pandemic broke out in NJ in early March, we closed our doors with the belief that we'd be able to reopen in early April, then we thought surely by May.  As it turns out, we are closed until further notice, probably sometime in June or July.  Because our meetings involve close contact, there is good chance we may have to delay meeting even longer.  We just don't know.  But, when we are able to "social" with less "distance" we plan to get this great event back on the calendar as soon as it is safe and makes sense for our local LGBTQ businesses and patrons, who may need even more support than we could have previously imagined.


    GAAMC is thrilled to announce a very special evening where local LGBTQ business leaders have an opportunity to meet and greet each other...and you!  For this event, we are reaching out to businesses in and around Morristown to come and share their ideas, news, and viewpoints.  

    When presented with the concept, Gordon Sauer, GAAMC's president said, "This evening provides us with the opportunity to show local businesses our appreciation for their generous donations during last June's Morristown Pride, as well as a chance for our members and guests to learn more about the resources available from local entrepreneurs."

    We will have a special speaker, as well as give approximately 3 businesses the chance to make brief presentations, and allow ample time for mingling.  Any participating business who would like may donate a product or service to be raffled off at the end of the evening.  All attendees, including participating business owners, will be given a free raffle ticket. 

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