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  • Memorial Day 2019

    Join us for our annual Memorial Day Pot Luck & BBQ!

    As is our tradition, WE will supply the burgers, hot dogs, buns, etc. We ask that YOU supply a side dish, salad, or dessert. Please bring 6-8 servings and let us know what you're bringing. This way we can tip off others, which usually inspires a more balanced menu for all to enjoy.

    We will kick off the evening at 7:00 PM with Open Talk in the Library, where Gordon will lead a conversation on a related topic.

    During Open Talk, a small army of volunteers will set up tables, chairs, food, and grill. Dinner will be served shortly after 8:00 PM. (If you are able-bodied, it's fun and helpful if you can volunteer to help us set up.)

    Please RSVP to this event if you think you might come so we know how much food to buy.

    Thank you!

    It is suggested that members make a donation at the door of $5 for adults and $4 for senior members.  It is suggested that non-member guests make a donation at the door of $7.  No one is turned away for not making a donation, but these donations help us pay for essential services.  No one at GAAMC is paid a salary, we are an all-volunteer organization.  

  • Stonewall Uprising

    GAAMC will kick off Pride Month 2019 by marking the 50th Anniversary of the Stonewall Riots.  Our regular meeting location will be closed for parking lot construction, so we are hosting a Dinner and a Movie Event at the Florham Park Diner.

    Our film this evening will be the 2010 documentary "Stonewall Uprising."  Here is a description, from, written by Huggo:

    The role of the June, 1969 Stonewall Riots - so named for the Greenwich Village gay hotel and bar, the Stonewall Inn, in front of which the riots occurred - in gay liberation and the foundation of gay rights in the United States is presented. The riots are largely seen as the turning point in establishing what gay rights there are today. The societal situation for homosexual men and women - including the laws of the day - in the mid-1960s before the riots is presented. Those include forty-nine of fifty states banning homosexuality, homosexual men and women being able to be arrested for a plethora of reasons outside of gay sex (those reasons for which straight people would probably not be arrested), the rise of a homosexual enclave in among other places a one block stretch on Columbus Street in Greenwich Village, and no homosexual man or woman in the United States truly being "out". Those involved on both sides of the riots discuss the situation that led to the first night truly becoming a riot, it which could have been like any night in any large American city where the police were raiding gay bars for the purpose of arresting homosexuals. And the immediate aftermath is discussed, including a celebratory first anniversary event in the Village, which arguably could be considered the first open gay pride parade.

    We have reserved 20 seats at the diner so please be sure to RSVP if you plan to attend.  This will help ensure that the room is set up to maximize everyone's viewing experience.  We will meet at 6:30 PM, with the goal of having everyone's dinner orders placed before 7:00 PM.  At 7:00, we will show this 80-minute film, and expect to have time to discuss or reminisce after the film.  

    All guests are responsible for ordering and paying for their own meals for this event.  

  • Closed for construction

    • Monday, June 10, 2019 at 06:00 PM
    • Morristown Unitarian Fellowship

    The Morristown Unitarian Fellowship is scheduled to begin a long-term construction project, beginning with redesigning their parking lots.  For everyone's safety, and to help expedite the process, the billing will be closed until June 17.  See you then!  


  • Verily, Madly, Thine by The Shrewd Mechanicals

    • Monday, August 05, 2019 at 07:00 PM

    Last summer The Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey launched a new summer touring company called The Shrewd Mechanicals. The work of this tight-knit ensemble of five young professionals – four actors and a tour manager – met with much acclaim in their debut season and we are happy to announce that they will be back on the road in the summer of 2019! 

    Last year, the troupe presented a piece called Shakespeare Gumbo, and this season the hour-long program will focus on the special brand of temporary madness that overtakes people when they fall madly in love! As in 2018, this year’s production, entitled Verily, Madly, Thine will feature a wonderful array of moments from Shakespeare’s plays as well as a few selections from more contemporary authors who have been inspired by one of Shakespeare’s originals. Verily, Madly Thine also features a delightful sprinkling of music, and in total, these 60 minutes about falling in love will make you fall in love with this delightful and entertaining collection of scenes inhabited by the victims of Cupid’s arrows. 

    Don’t miss this wonderful quartet as they bring to life the joy, wit, poetry, and music of the world’s greatest playwright —and those he’s inspired.

    SPECIAL NOTE:  We are unsure where this event will be hosted.  We expect to host it at our regular home, the Morristown Unitarian Fellowship.  However, the property will be undergoing construction from June through September, meaning there is a chance the building will not be available.  We expect to have a firm location set by July 15.