• c. 1974

  • 1982 at Heritage of Pride March, NYC

  • c. 1989 at Heritage of Pride, NYC

  • 1991 Heritage of Pride, NYC

  • 1997 GAAMC's 25th Anniversary Float at Jersey Pride

  • At Garden State Equality's 2009 Banquet

  • 2011 Heritage of Pride NYC



Our Mission

GAAMC is a not-for-profit volunteer-run organization that provides social, educational, and outreach programs. GAAMC also offers opportunities for individuals to become politically active on issues related to the GLBTI community. Our intent is to maintain a positive, healthy, respectful and supportive environment in a safe space.


GAAMC is the longest continually operating GLBTI group in New Jersey, started in 1972 by 4 people looking for a place to meet others like themselves. 

We meet each Monday evening in suburban Morris County, NJ. Doors open at 6:30pm. Discussion groups begin at 7:00pm. Our main programs begin between 8:00 and 8:30 PM and run until roughly 9:30 PM. We serve light snacks, soda, and coffee.

We ask for a voluntary donation at the door of $7.00 from guests, and $5.00 from GAAMC members in good standing.


GAAMC publishes 10 issues of our newsletter, CHALLENGE, per year.  Members in good standing may request a printed copy via First Class Mail.  Members and non-members may read the enhanced, online editions for free via our account on ISSUU.com.  ISSUU offers free subscriptions to thousands of online titles and offers a free App to manage your subscriptions.  

Since 1985, GAAMC has been the official publisher of Pride Guide, a guide to resources for New Jersey's LGBT community.  People who have subscribed to GAAMC's publications may access our online Pride Guide via their smartphone or tablet.  Anyone may access the resources of Pride Guide by following the link at the top of the page to Pride Guide, then selecting the category of their choice.