VA S.A.V.E. Suicide Prevention Workshop

Wednesday afternoon webinar on suicide prevention with special guest, Bradley L. Jacobs, LCSW, Suicide Prevention Coordinator for the Veterans Administration of East Orange and Lyons Medical Center. This will be a 90-minute workshop with opportunities for extensive Q&A and role playing.

Feelings of loneliness and isolation are worst for people who feel marginalized and isolated, and the winter holiday season, which is right around the corner, can be the worst time of the year for several, intersecting reasons. But, there is hope, and you may someday be called upon to bring that hope. Will you be ready?

VA S.A.V.E. Training will help you act with care and compassion if you encounter someone in crisis or experiencing suicidal thoughts. The acronym S.A.V.E. helps you remember the important steps involved in suicide prevention: Signs of suicidal thinking should be recognized; Ask the most important question of all; Validate their experience; Encourage treatment and Expedite getting help. In 2019, over 45,000 Americans died by suicide, including 6,261 Veterans. Through this presentation you will gain a general understanding of the scope of suicide within the United States, learn how to identify a Veteran, or any individual, who may be at risk for suicide, and learn what to do when you identify a Veteran at risk. Don’t wait for a crisis. Take a moment today to reach out. You can act now to help prevent suicide later.

Bradley L. Jacobs, LCSW, is a social worker who, for over 20 years, has focused on delivering and promoting behavioral health and social services that support participant choice, enhance recovery and foster well-being. He has intentionally sought to work with organizations whose mission and values reflect his own passion for service to those in need and empowering the more vulnerable. Bradley currently serves as the Suicide Prevention Coordinator for the Veterans Health Administration of NJ. Prior to the VA, Bradley built his career within the NYC social and behavioral health non-profit sector, most recently as the Director of Practice Innovation at Services for the UnderServed (S:US); the Director of The Center for Rehabilitation & Recovery and for 10 years at CASES, an agency providing alternative sentencing options for people with behavioral health issues involved in the criminal justice system. Bradley has extensive experience as an instructor and public speaker on best practices in behavioral health. He obtained his MSW from the NYU School of Social Work in 2001 and, in addition to his work in various social service, research, and nonprofit settings, is a professionally trained chef who enjoys cooking and eating with those he loves.
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  • November 10, 2021 at 5:00pm – 6:30pm
  • Andy Skurna


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