Primary Election Day


Is voting in Primary Elections important?  Here is what some people have to say on the matter:

Sandy Perry:

Elections have consequences, and one major consequence of the 2016 election is sweeping changes to federal environmental and climate policy.

These changes make New Jersey’s 2017 elections all the more critical, according to Bill Kibler, policy director at watershed watchdog Raritan Headwaters.  ...

Only two states – New Jersey and Virginia – have major elections in 2017, and the world will be watching these off-year elections to gauge the mood of voters.  Read more

Libby Hilsenrath:

In small towns such as ours where one political party dominates the landscape, the Primary race is in fact "The Election."

Absent a contender from the Democrat Party in November, as is the case in both Chatham Township and Chatham Borough, your Primary winners will be the ones who will preside over your Local Government for the years to come. In both the Township and the Borough, there is not enough room for all candidates to appear on the November ballot, hence the need for the Primary Election this Tuesday, June 2.

This decision process will happen either with you or without you.  Read more

Bob Jordan:

Hillary Clinton vs. Donald Trump looks inevitable in the November presidential election, but that hasn’t stopped the last round of nominating contests in New Jersey and five other states on Tuesday from taking on outsized symbolic importance.

Clinton is roughly 70 delegates (a number that will be reduced by weekend caucuses Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands) away from clinching the Democratic nomination and political observers expect her to scoop up what she needs from New Jersey when polls close at 8 p.m. California also offers enough delegates to put Clinton over the top but voting there continues for three more hours.  Read more

  • June 06, 2017 at 8:00am – 8pm

Will you come?

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